Sinusitis Solutions

Dr. Vijay Anand

Located at 772 Park Avenue at 73rd Street, Dr. Vijay K. Anand has been treating sinusitis for over 25 years. He is a recognized expert throughout the New York medical community known for his extensive experience in endoscopic, image-guided sinus surgery. Dr. Anand specializes in difficult-to-manage cases of sinus and nasal disease with a large volume of patients who have not responded to medical treatments or who have had previously unsuccessful sinus surgery(s).

He also treats patients who have developed complications from a previous sinus surgery. After a thorough evaluation, an individualized treatment plan is created for each patient. The treatment plan will provide the very latest in medical therapies and, when necessary, revision endoscopic surgery that utilizes the latest advances in image guided surgery.

Dr. Anand's practice is committed to providing post-operative care for as long as necessary towards achieving outstanding surgical outcomes.

Dr. Anand has successfully treated over 10,000 sinusitis patients. Patients routinely include many celebrities, politicians and Broadway stars.

CV Highlights
  • 1998-Present:
    Dr. Anand is Director of Post Graduate Fellowship Training in Rhinology and Sinus Surgery at New York Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center.
  • 1996-1998:
    Dr. Anand is appointed Co-Chairman of the Rhinosinusitis Guidelines Task Force on behalf of the American Rhinologic Society, the American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy and the American Academy of Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery. This Task Force creates the national guidelines for treatment of sinus disease in use today.
  • 1991-Present:
    Dr. Anand is a Clinical Professor at Weill Cornell Medical College
  • 1983-Present:
    For more than a quarter century, Dr. Anand's private practice continues to specialize in providing relief to all New Yorkers - and patients from around the world - who suffer from difficult to treat sinusitis.
  • Additional Leadership: Dr. Anand has formerly served as President of the American Rhinologic Society, New York Bronchoscope Society and New York Laryngological Society.
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