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Vijay K. Anand, MD, FACS
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New York, NY 10021
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The fellowship is a 1 year comprehensive experience in Rhinology, advanced Endoscopic Sinus Surgery and Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery. Upon completion of the program, the fellow will be trained to develop academic, tertiary sinus and endoscopic skull base program. The foundation of the fellowship experience includes the medical and surgical management of both routine and complex sino-nasal disorders including chronic sinusitis, allergic fungal sinusitis, advanced nasal polyposis, frontal sinus disease, sphenoid sinus disease and anterior skull base neoplasms. The surgical experience encompasses primary and revision endoscopic sinus surgery, surgical management of the frontal sinus, cerebrospinal fluid leak closure, endoscopic resection of sino-nasal neoplasms and endoscopic skull base surgery. The fellowship is on a preceptor model with

 Dr.Vijay Anand at Weill Cornell Medical College and New York Presbyterian Hospital-Weill Cornell Medical Center. The combined Advanced Endoscopic Skull base surgery cases will be jointly performed with Dr.Theodore Schwartz who is on the Neurological Surgery faculty. 

Fellowship Preceptors

Vijay Anand MD
Theodore Schwartz MD Neurosurgery.

Office Experience

The office experience involves a tertiary referral practice set in a fully equipped private office on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The goals of this portion of the fellowship include a hands-on learning of the medical management, patient counseling and perioperative care of patients with various sino-nasal disorders. The fellow participates directly in the history taking and examination of patients. This allows for an important understanding of the natural course of the diseases and therapies through serial follow up visits. The office is fully equipped with digital video imaging integrated to an EHR, Sinus surgery instruments and an ambulatory office operating suite. The current advances in Rhinology cases will include in office based procedures and the ability to perform in a controlled monitored sedation setting with excellent outcomes.

 The fellow will assist in the following office based procedures:

  1. Inferior turbinectomy,
  2. Endoscopic Image guided Balloon Sinuplasty,
  3. Endoscopic Eustachian tube balloon Sinuplasty, 
  4. Endoscopic Cryoablation of the Sphenoplatine ganglion, (Clarifix)
  5. Intranasal latera implantation,
  6. Select revision endoscopic sinus surgery. 

Opportunity also exists for additional training in other areas of rhinology, such as allergy and immunological therapy guidance in sinusitis with nasal polyposis. The latest advances in use of Biologics in nasal polypoid sinus disease will be available for the fellow to gain knowledge.

Surgical Experience

The surgical experience involves a graduated approach to primary, complex and revision endoscopic sinus surgery. Cases are performed, on an average of 2 days per week and are all directly instructed by Dr. Anand. An additional 1-2 endoscopic skull base cases per week are performed in conjunction with the neurosurgical team led by Dr. Theodore Schwartz. All procedures are performed at the New York Presbyterian Hospital- Weill Cornell Medical Center (NYP-WMC). The operating experience includes instruction on the use of image guidance (both CT and MR systems), as well as equipment/technology that are still in development. Experiences in innovative Endoscopic Eustachian tube Balloon Dilatation techniques are available for the fellow to participate.

The endoscopic skull base program represents a rich educational experience for the developing Rhinologist. A fully endoscopic approach is used for a variety of skull base lesions including pituitary tumors, encephaloceles, cerebrospinal fluid leaks, craniopharyngiomas, Chordomas and meningiomas. In addition, new innovative transnasal cervical spine surgery cases are available for the fellow to participate. The fellow will be expected to assist in the surgical approach, and skull base reconstruction of these cases. The perioperative evaluation and management of these patients is an integral part of the experience. The fellow has an opportunity to participate with Oculoplastic procedures in combined cases with the ophthalmology service. 


The research component of the fellowship is robust and involves a combination of clinical and basic science projects. Dedicated research time is allotted as part of the fellowship. The vast clinical experience in rhinology and endoscopic skull base surgery allows for the performance of a variety of clinical research projects. Finally, the fellow will have the opportunity to participate in writing book chapters and review articles. The research is presented by the fellow at national and international conferences throughout the year. Presentation and attendance at the scientific meetings is fully funded by the fellowship. Additionally, the fellow will participate as an organizer, lecturer and dissection proctor in the annual CME courses (Sinusitis and Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery) directed by Dr. Anand and Dr.Theodore Schwartz. 

Academic Appointment

The fellow is appointed to the attending staff at the NYP-WMC as a junior faculty member and is encouraged to be an active part of the Otorhinolaryngology department.  This includes participation in grand rounds and conferences. The department currently has 4 otolaryngology residents in addition to medical students on rotation.  The fellow have an opportunity to interact with the resident in teaching rounds at Weill Cornell Medical Center. 


The fellow is afforded the benefits commensurate with a full time faculty member of the department including paid malpractice and health benefits.  The fellow will be compensated as a PGY6 on the WMC Cornell pay scale. The fellow will also have expenses covered to attend all national meetings.

Call Schedule

On call consists only of home call for Dr. Anand's patients.  This is generally light and consists of a limited number of phone calls per week.  The fellow does not have call responsibilities for the department.

Past Graduates of the Program

Past graduates of the fellowship include:


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