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About Sinusitis

Sinusitis affects about 14% of the population. Its direct medical costs amount to billions of dollars annually. Indirectly, its cost is greatly magnified by the staggering amount of lost hours of work or school. Current methods of cost analysis indicate that sinusitis usurps nearly 1% or the entire Gross National Product.

Sinusitis Symptoms

Each one of the four pairs of sinuses has an opening for mucous drainage. When this natural mucous drainage process is obstructed, chronic sinus inflammation will occur. We know sinusitis best by any of the recognizable symptoms it produces, either singly or in complex combinations.

Sinusitis Diagnosis

The diagnosis of sinusitis is made after review of patient's medical history and completion of a full clinical examination. Radiologic evaluation is usually reserved for patients who need medical treatment or present with complications of sinusitis (mucocele).

Types of Sinusitis Treatment

Medical Management

The conventional medical treatment involves the use of broad spectrum antitbiotics, antihistamines with or without decongestants, and mucolytic agents in patients with uncomplicated sinusitis. The choice of medications is based on the patient's medical condition and there are times when the choice may be severely restricted, due to another medical condition that patient may be experiencing.

Doctor Examining Patient’s Sinuses
Doctor Performing Nasal Surgery

Surgical Treatment

The surgical treatment of sinusitis has seen a radical change in the recent past, and this is due to a better understanding of the physiology of sinuses and their functions. Image-Guided sinus surgery, as introduced in the USA in 1984, is based on the extensive clinical work performed by Professor Messerklinger and his associates from Graz, Austria.

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